Architectural Design Services

Parking Garage Architect, Sustainable Architect, Project Management

Our core business at Graves Design Group is in architectural design. We can prepare full architectural and engineering documents suitable for project management and construction by qualified builders in the traditional design/ bid/ build scenario or in the increasingly popular design/build approach. The actual scope of these architectural services varies from project to project but most include schematic design, architectural design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction management administration.

We offer full service architecture/engineering for our projects by assembling a team of expert engineers and other specialists, based on the unique requirements of a particular project. The advantage of this approach over larger firms that carry various engineering and other services, in-house, is that we can be selective in choosing the best firms that fit your project. We aim to assemble the best team of designers and professionals for your project, for a focused team, vs. a large firm who will often assign whomever they have on staff. And, contrary to the often held belief that a larger firm will always perform and deliver on schedule better than a smaller one, we have proven to be as responsive as or better than our larger competition. The truth is; a large and medium firm will probably assign a similar number of staff to a project so there is no real advantage in numbers for the larger firm. Our practice of assembling a quality team is what gives GDG the advantage in designing thoughtful solutions in functional ability, sustainability, imagination, and cost consciousness.

Architectural Design Services provided by Graves Design Group

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