CMU Margaret Morrison Hall Renovations To the A & B Levels

CMU Margaret Morrison Hall Renovations To the A & B Levels

  • Location: Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

The program required the reorganization of portions of the A and B Levels of Margaret Morrison Hall at Carnegie Mellon University. There were four different user groups involved; the psychology department (1400 s.f.), the computer center for the School of Design (1600 s.f.), the print studio (1275 s.f.) and the photography labs (3000 s.f.) within the School of Fine Arts.

The Psychology department expanded their facilities to include an area dedicated to their work with infants. The space includes offices, testing rooms, a combination conference room/computer lab with workstations and a common waiting /reception area.

The School of Design relocated an existing computer lab, gaining valuable space and adding a level of surety. The new facility includes a reception and office space and a large computer lab with 30 workstations. Custom-built storage cabinets are provided throughout the space. Special features include a new raised floor system in the computer lab, homosote covered walls to display student work, a motorized projection screen and a glass block light wall between the lab and reception area.

The Photo Department was extensively updated to meet an expanded curriculum with new workstations, casework, and developing sinks. Special features include acid-resistant counter tops, a custom vertical light table & new light-lock passages. Also included are a shoot studio, a dry-teaching room, 2 faculty offices and a digital photo lab. A new gallery space was created in a common lobby area for use by the department for critiques and display of student work, with colors selected to compliment the type of artwork that will be displayed in that area.