Education Building Design

Historical Restoration, Interior Design, Urban Development

Education building design projects have been a main area of focus for our firm for many years, more particularly in urban development of K-12 public or charter schools, and university or college education buildings. Population shifts have led to district restructuring that require school leaders to make large scale changes in their school programs, often with declining budgets. At Graves Design Group we pride ourselves on being able to design a new educational building center or renovate an older historical building with the sensitivity to the dynamic programming requirements that occur on these educational building design and development projects. We do all of this while keeping our architecture design projects within the university or schools budget and develop the design project on schedule. Our long term on-call contracts with multiple clients speak to our ability to provide effective school building design solutions that are vital for our current and future generations.

Many of the goals we deliver and are faced to meet in developing and designing an education building for a specific school or university are enhancing while preserving the actual building's historic character in place. Through the architectural design and development services, the building's life is extended to serve as a future model for other renovations of the schools buildings for being the focal point of the college and or school, welcoming the education for the students to take part in and be excited in taking pride of their school.

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