Parking Garage Architecture Design

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Parking Garage Design and Development

Parking Garages are a core focus of our Pittsburgh, PA based architectural design firm. We have worked with developers, design-builders, and city planning leaders on numerous garage design and development projects for almost 20 years.

Parking garages have become an increasingly vital part of the solution for dealing with parking congestion in densely populated areas like certain retail, commercial or education centers. With limited land and an ever increasing number of cars on the road, parking garage design serves as the sensible city planning solution that allows a high number of people to park in close proximity to a particular destination. They also are revenue generators and have become almost a requirement for new urban development in city and other commercial areas.

Parking Garage design and development has evolved to not only provide efficient parking but also to provide increasingly aesthetic design solutions that fit within the context of their environment. While they come in several sizes and configurations, parking garages are no longer regulated to hidden spaces behind other commercial or retail buildings. They are now more pleasing to look at, so they can be built on "Main Street" where they are accessible and more a part of the urban development fabric. We are able to provide the "Main Street" aesthetic, while keeping the actual building of the parking garage and long term maintenance costs low, for a sustainable structure that seeks to maximize efficiency and extend the parking garage's service life.

Retail Architecture Design and Development

We provide professional architectural design services for a variety of corporate and retail clients, from small family businesses to large retail department stores. Savvy businesses know that a new or renovated space can help to increase sales if their building is designed effectively, by providing a retail space that is appropriate for their specific business. Whether yours is an interior design renovation, fit-out, or a new free-standing building design and development, we can work with you to develop a retail space that is aimed to meet your specific architectural design needs.

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