Green Architecture Design

Green Building Design , Eco-Friendly Architecture, Green Roof Design

As a sub-category of Sustainability, we can provide Green Architecture, which is an approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. The industry is incorporating many elements of green design, as a whole. However, some of our clients may wish to go beyond the generally acceptable industry standard and take new innovative approaches to further safeguard air, water, and earth in their choice of eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.

Grave Design Group makes a conscious effort to make an architecrual design impact to enhance the quality of the envrionment by going green with their architecural solutions. GDC helps accomplish this on focusing on pollution preventions, lowering costs overall and recycling scarce resources by using fewer raw materials and creating an overall building project and design. Understanding the whole building design and development approach, gives the Pittsburgh based architectural design firm the benefit to develop a high performance building while addressing all human, environmental, and economic impacts one green design would have on the city of Pittsburgh.

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