SouthSide Works Ladle Parking Garage Design

SouthSide Works Ladle Parking Garage Design

  • Location: SouthSide, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Owner: URA Pittsburgh, PA
  • Size: 4.5 Stories, 376 Cars

The project is located on the former LTV Steel SouthSide works area of the City of Pittsburgh; the second of several public parking garages there designed by Graves Architects Inc.

The new development offers dining, retail, entertainment, commercial, and high-tech industrial office buildings. The project fit design guidelines developed with public and private input, resulting in a design approach that meets the “main street” perimeter.

The architecture is reflective of the Renaissance Revival period, with the predominate use of pre-cast concrete accented with brick pilasters and straight archways. Each façade is enhanced with the use of metal detailing, creating a cornice line to reinforce the streetscape “shop” scale, and brackets.

Among the specific design goals were the creation of a user-friendly arrival port and the impression of a safe environment. The main entry point for pedestrians is provided by a glass lobby and stair tower, which serves as a strong visual focal point. This entrance plaza is an interactive urban space, complete with metaphorical reference to tree trunks, via the steel support poles and foliage via the metal double bend louver pattern, above.

On the opposite side, sloped architectural screens were used to shield residential tenants of the adjacent apartment building from light emitted by the garage and to provide privacy. These residents have access to the garage via a pedestrian bridge, which connects the garage and residence on the upper floors. This bridge overlooks a European-style courtyard and effectively provides safe, all-weather access to the garage by residents.

**The Ladle Parking Garage by Graves Design Group won an award from PA Parking Association for the garage design/build of this project.