Residential Design Architecture

Urban Development , Residential Design Development, Multi-Family Housing Development

Residential House Design and Development

Residential housing design projects are a core part of our architectural design business. With a focus on university dormitories, single family houses and townhouses, other section 504/UFAS HUD housing design and development projects, and specific urban or city high-rise apartment buildings. Graves Design Group has provided architectural design services to home owners, designer, developers, and government agencies to facilitate everyone's need in designing, developing and constructing residential housing properties.

Community Design and Development

Community design and development projects have been an important part of Graves Design Group's portfolio for over 20 years. Many have been community design projects for local non-profits or community development corporations that seek to revitalize their urban communities through urban design and development. These development projects tend to bring us close to the end users, through community planning meetings, where we get to know them directly and getting further in touch with the surrounding Pittsburgh community. We are comfortable working with groups in this setting and with giving presentations that can aid in project design and urban development fund-raising efforts. We have an affinity for these community development projects because we see ourselves as being able to help the client's efforts in bettering our Pittsburgh surrounding community or helping the causes they serve through our design and development expertise.

Graves Design Group takes part in giving back to the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. In order to further support the local community we serve by donating staff time by speaking to students at local schools about the profession of architecture design so they have the opportunity to hear what it is like to be an architect allowing them to ask direct questions. We've also invited students with a particular interest to visit our architectural design office for a day to get a behind the scenes look at architects at work.

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