Why Select Graves Design Group?

Pittsburgh Architectural Design Firm

Leadership: Our firm president and the senior project architect are both graduates from Carnegie-Mellon University, among the elite schools in the country for architecture. Together, they have more than 75 years of experience in a wide variety of project types. These individuals could have easily found themselves managing divisions as partners in a large firm but have chosen Graves Design Group as the platform from which to better service clients by offering the finest qualify design in a firm that is sized to allow them to be closer to the pulse of your project.

Superior Support Staff: Our architectural design support comes from architects and designers who work very closely with senior staff and are included in and attached to the entire design process, from beginning to end. These people are not along for the ride; they are fully engaged and bring value to your project.

Our Professional Consultants: Our ability to customize an architectural/engineering design team differentiates us from firms that offer both architecture and engineering, in house. We are not committed to a set of engineering teams within our firm. Instead, we have an established network of professional design sub-consultants that allows us to assemble the best team of engineering and other specialists for your project. Larger firms that offer both Architectural and Engineering services are limited in their ability to offer you experts in each discipline; instead, you get what they have to offer.

Size matters: Our office is structured as a mid-sized firm of between 10-20 people, in –house, plus our team of sub-consultants. This puts us in the ideal situation of being able to match the capacity of a large firm on all of the projects we compete for. And, what we offer apart from larger firms is more personalized service, faster response times, and lower overhead costs. We can match them person for person in assigning a team to a given project, but have a much more efficient communication structure that can help make our projects run smoothly.

Although we compare favorably to large firms, we also have an advantage over small firms, that average 2-6 people. These firms are often new firms that may have principles with experience but do not have the production support to meet the capacity requirements of a larger project. They may also not have an established network of professional consultants to allow them to work on projects effectively.

Perhaps, Graves Design Group’s direct competition is other mid-sized firms. We share similar capabilities in terms of staff size and ability to offer personalized service. What we will differ in is project experience due to varying business opportunities they may have come across. Our niche among mid-sized firms is our experience in larger projects; projects that are typically served by large firms. We have come by these opportunities through numerous joint ventures and collaborations with larger firms over the years due, in part, to our MBE certification. These opportunities have allowed us to showcase our abilities on large-scale projects, starting as a sub-consultant to a large firm and progressing to where we serve on “large” projects as the primary consultant.

So, to answer the question of why choose us? The answer would be for the following:

  • Superior design capabilities
  • Large firm production capability
  • Small firm personal service
  • Experience on small and large projects that sets us apart
  • The ability to price competitively with most firms