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The core of GDG is in architectural design and planning of educational, residential, commercial, industrial buildings, and parking garages. Each project benefits from our expertise and knowledge of architectural design, construction management procedures, zoning regulations, building codes, and building materials.

Architectural Design Services

Our core business at Graves Design Group is in architectural design. These architectural services vary from project to project but most include schematic design, architectural design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction management administration. These architectural design services include:

Sustainable Architecture Services

Sustainable Design is an evolving approach that is complex and dynamic, requiring continuous training and education in the field. We enter a design project with key issues to address and measure them against the project’s program requirements, focusing on coming together with a responsible solution.

Project Management

Graves Design Group provides the Pittsburgh area with the necessary expertise to manage all of the architectural and technological services as a construction management consultant, providing both architectural design and building construction advice.

Interior Design Services

We can apply our creative and technical design solutions within a structure to achieve a purpose-built interior space environment. Our interior design solutions are functional, they enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive, while remaining attentive to our client’s budget.

Historical Restoration

One of the more specialized architectural design services Graves Design Group provides is in the area of historic restoration and preservation. These historical restoration projects of existing buildings or structures with varying historic significance are particularly challenging because they require the architect to preserve the essence of the buildings and environment while incorporating modern design and development improvements and practices in a structure that was not originally designed for them.

MBE - Minority Business Enterprise

We can provide Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) participation to end user clients, Prime Contractors, Design Builders, and others looking to provide certified participation to MBE businesses. We are certified, through Graves Architects, Inc., in the state of Pennsylvania and New Jersey as an MBE business and certification in other states is easily attainable.

Graves Design Group's Portfolio

Look at all of the architectural design services that the Pittsburgh based design firm, Graves Design Group, has been a part of. GDG has been a part of numerous parking garage designs, educational design renovations through interior design and other historic restorations.

About Us

GDG is a Pittsburgh based full service architecture design firm that provides architectural design, interior design, design and development expertise, and other architectural graphic services. As the successor firm to Graves Architects, Inc., we have been servicing a variety of public, private, and non-profit clients since 1988.

Graves Design Group Architectural Awards & Recognition

Graves Design Group, a Pittsburgh based architectural design firm, has won numerous awards and recognition for their designs.

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We recognize the individuality of each client and project; Graves Design Group consistently maintains the highest quality of architecture design standards in all of our projects. For more information on any architectural design service, please contact us at Graves Design Group.